About Us

Atom Education is a social venture that upskills freshly graduated students and connects them with the job-market.

We run four cohorts round a year, each of which lasts for three months, where we enroll and upskill freshers with Interpersonal and Applied skills that match their interests and are in high demand in the job market.

After the completion of each upskilling cohort, we facilitate internships and jobs-placement opportunities. We do this by partnering with numerous elite educational institutions and businesses while internally streamlining and simplifying the entire procedure.

Why Do We Upskill?

Here's why we Upskill fresher Youth of Nepal.

40% Youth

Nepal has more than 40% active Youth population

30% Unemployed

Our of those 40% more than 30% are umeployed

Theoretical Education

The education system of Nepal is largely based on Theories